Establishing Care as a Fresno State Student Athlete

It is recommended that Student-Athletes request a referral through their athletic trainer. Keep in mind, all information discussed in your counseling session is completely confidential. However, it is important to have your athletic trainer involved to be able to coordinate your care. If you are not ready to discuss your issue with your athletic trainer, you may contact Sandra at Avante directly.

Avante Health Phone Number:  559-261-9060



What is avante?

Fresno State Athletics has partnered with Avante Health to coordinate the Student-Athlete Assistance Program (SAAP). The SAAP covers many areas of health and wellness for student athletes, one important area is providing access to licensed mental health professionals for a variety of issues at no cost.

Below are some FAQs to help you get started.

How do I set up a meeting?

Visit your athletic trainer in The Meyers Family Sports Medicine Center, and they will work with you to fill out a referral form. After you have completed the referral form, your athletic trainer will take copy your photo ID for Avante. Then you and your athletic trainer will call the Avante office in a private setting, we will explain that you are a student athlete and introduce you to the person on the phone. Then your athletic trainer will leave you alone to speak with our representative about what you are looking for in mental health assistance, and to set you up with a provider. Your athletic trainer can assist you with transportation if needed.

How soon will I be seen?

In most cases you will be set up with a provider and an appointment time within 48-72 hours from your referral. Depending on your schedule, and the availability of the provider you are assigned with, you will usually be seen within 1-2 weeks of being referred. In most cases, you will be given the phone number of a provider that will best fit your needs. It is important that you reach out as soon as you get the number to confirm your appointment time. If you have an immediate need to speak with someone before or between appointments, your athletic trainer can put you in touch with someone by phone. 

What if I'm not ready to talk to my athletic trainer?

It is understandable to be nervous about reaching out for help. As athletic trainers, we want you to know that it is our goal to help keep you healthy in every way and that includes mental health! However, if you are not ready to reach out to your athletic trainer yet, you have the option of calling Avante Health on your own.

Avante Health takes your confidentiality seriously. When you call for an appointment they will ask for you to designate a member of the sports medicine staff as your personal representative. Avante Health will release personal health information about you to the appointed athletic trainer only in the form of appointment date, time, and your providers name for billing purposes. The athletic trainer you identify is required by FERPA to also protect your privacy. The content of your sessions is never released to anyone without your separate consent. 

Avante Health Phone Number:  559-261-9060

Available Monday - Friday 8 am - 4:30 pm.  

Explain that you are a student athlete at Fresno State, and ask to speak with Sandra Carnahan.

Where will my appointment be?

Avante contracts with mental health professionals from all over the Fresno/Clovis area. Your appointment will be located in the office of your provider. 

who will know that I am getting help?

Only the athletic trainer you appoint as your personal representative will know about your mental health referrals. These type of referrals are not reported to coaching staff without your permission.

What do i do if it is after business hours and I need help right now?

See the information in the “Immediate Need” tab. If you need help from 5pm-8am, you can call the Avante number provided below to speak with an after hours clinician.

Avante After Hours Line: 1-800-498-9055