Our resources will focus on providing a holistic view of where and how to access mental health resources on campus and in the community. We aim to achieve this by:

  • Continuing to partner with Avante Health to provide access to mental health services, screenings during pre-participation exams and 24/7 crisis intervention. Avante provides access to 30+ licensed mental health providers with weekend and evening appointment times to meet the schedule demands of our student-athletes.
  • Maintaining the Bulldog Brave Bulldog Strong website to organize information for student-athletes, students, and the community to use and interact.
  • Regular group sessions organized by sports medicine and facilitated by Avante providers or university faculty on topics around student-athlete mental health needs i.e., dealing with season or career ending injury, substance or alcohol abuse, time management stresses, transitioning to college life, etc.


A cornerstone of de-stigmatizing mental health is rooted in education around mental health. We aim to educate our student athletes and staff by:

  • Utlizing annual team sessions focused on how to access resources individually and how to use the resources to help others if needed. Including suicide prevention training.
  • Working with SAAC and SAS to bring in speakers on related topics. Our goal is to open up the conversation and keep it moving forward to educate student-athletes about the importance of maintaining mental wellness.
  • Continuing to educate staff and coaches on suicide prevention training, high risk mental health referrals, navigating hard conversations, training the student-athlete with mental health concerns for peak performance, etc.


We aim to increase understanding of how necessary it is to address mental health, and what our campaign hopes to achieve by:

  • Create featured documentaries highlighting student-athletes’ personal stories regarding mental health. 
  • Create featured head coach videos highlighting their support for mental health awareness and support for access for their teams. 
  • Expand #BulldogBraveBulldogStrong social media presence through various Fresno State media accounts; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  • Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) will work with each team to designate a “#BulldogBraveBulldogStrong” game/competition dedicated towards mental health awareness on our campus and in the surrounding community.