Videos: Who else is talking about mental health?



Former Oregon Ducks offensive lineman Zach Okun advocates for mental health awareness and help.

After playing football for four years at the University of Miami, Dwayne Johnson was passed over by the NFL. While he played for the Canadian Football League for a short time, he was ultimately cut from his team, the Calgary Stampeders, and sent packing.

The issue of mental health in college students, specifically college student-athletes, is stigmatized and neglected. According to a 2011 study by the National College Athletic Association, 30% of about 200,000 student-athletes reported feeling depressed. 50% also claimed to have experienced overwhelming anxiety, and this information is six years out of date.

Stacey Ervin, a former U-M athlete shares the message, "You don't have to be sick in order to get better" in a new Athletes Connected video. Athletes Connected is a unique collaboration between the University of Michigan School of Public Health, Depression Center, and Athletic Department to increase awareness of mental health issues, reduce the stigma of help-seeking, and promote positive coping skills among student athletes.